Two Bridges Dartmoor Walk Guide

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  • Distance: 12 miles (19.4km)
  • Start: Two Bridges Parking Area
  • Finish: Two Bridges Parking Area

Walking Route

The Two Bridges Walk is a circular walk in the heart of Dartmoor National Park, spread across an approximately 12-mile circular route. Starting from the conveniently located parking area at Two Bridges, where two major Dartmoor thoroughfares intersect, the journey begins, enveloping walkers in the natural beauty of one of England’s cherished National Parks.

Our first point of interest is Wistman’s Wood, where you will venture north from Two Bridges. This National Nature Reserve is renowned for its other-worldly aura, resulting from the twisted, stunted oaks and the unique ecosystem they house.

As we leave Wistman’s Wood behind, our path ascends to Longaford Tor, standing proudly at 507 metres. From this vantage point, the stunning panorama of Dartmoor unfolds before your eyes, particularly on sunny days.

Next, our route takes us past the haunting remnants of the old Powder Mills Factory, a desolate testament to the time when this secluded location was used to produce gunpowder roughly a century and a half ago. Only a row of cottages remain operational, and the former school has been transformed into a pottery shop, serving delightful cream teas in the courtyard during summer.

The journey continues eastwards into Bellever Forest, home to a network of enjoyable woodland trails and the sight of Dartmoor’s famed ponies. Rising from the forest is Bellever Tor, a granite monolith reaching 443 meters and offering a 360-degree panorama of the surrounding area. The slopes around this tor are adorned with Kists and Cairn Circles from times gone by.

Our descent takes us past Laughter Tor towards Dunnabridge Pound Farm, crossing the West Dart River at Sherberton. Here, the route turns west, merging with a section of the long-distance Dartmoor Way, leading towards Princetown. As the route winds back north to Two Bridges, completing the loop, walkers are treated to some of Dartmoor’s finest moorland vistas.

Extend your exploration of Dartmoor by heading east along the Dartmoor Way to Dartmeet, a popular and picturesque site marking the convergence of the East Dart and West Dart tributaries.

Two Bridges Dartmoor Route Map

Points of Interest

Wistman’s Wood

Bellever Tor

Longaford Tor

Little Longaford Tor

West Dart River

Powder Mills Factory

Bellever Forest


*Important to note that the famous photograph of two separate bridges in Dartmoor (Postbridge Clapper Bridge and the B3212 road bridge) are not in fact on the Two Bridge Dartmoor Walk but they are only a short walk north along the B3212 before you get to Bellever Forest. So if this is the main reason you are visiting the area, don’t be surprised when you don’t come across them on the walk!

Pubs and Cafes

Rounding off your Two Bridges Walk, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to culinary delights. The Two Bridges Hotel provides an elegant setting for a traditional Devon Cream Tea. Nestled on the banks of the West Dart River, the hotel offers beautiful outdoor spaces perfect for a relaxing afternoon tea on warm days. Stroll around their picturesque garden after your tea or unwind by their cozy bar with log fires. The hotel is located at postcode PL20 6SW and is very dog friendly.

The Warren House Inn, nestled in the heart of Dartmoor, holds the title as one of the highest pubs in England, positioned at a remarkable altitude of 1425ft (434m). Originally built in the 19th century, this historic establishment was a beacon for the busy local tin mining community, including miners from the nearby Golden Dagger, Vitifer, and Birch Tor Mines. Today, the inn gives visitors a warm welcome with oak beams and roaring open fires. Beyond its cozy interior, the Warren House Inn offers spectacular, far-reaching views over the Dartmoor landscape from its unparalleled vantage point. Praised for its hearty food and a dog-friendly environment, the inn stands as a must-visit destination, seamlessly combining rich history, exquisite culinary offerings, and a unique Dartmoor experience. It is conveniently located on the B3212, between Moretonhampstead and Princetown, at postcode PL20 6TA.

Parking Options for the Two Bridges Dartmoor Walk

There are several parking spots with free parking around the start of the Two Bridges Dartmoor Walk. 

There’s the main small car park at Two Bridges, opposite the hotel, this holds approximately 10 cars depending on how well people have parked! This is the busiest of all the car parks as the walk starts at this location. There is additional space up the road from Two Bridges with space for 4-5 cars when the main hotel car park is full.  Another good sized car park exists at Holming Beam with around 10 parking spaces. This is the start of the Merrivale firing range and regularly used by the military.  Then there’s two lots of road side parking, one as you head out on the road towards Dartmeet and the other on the road to Postbridge. You can also head up to Longaford Tor, Higher White Tor, Beardown Tor or beyond from all these spots or possibly head south towards Prince Hall Rocks.


Walking boots or walking shoes are perfect for this walk.

Surrounding Area

Being in the centre of Dartmoor, the area is also surrounded by prehistoric gems, including Bronze age settlements, stone rows and an impressive 4,000 year old standing stone, the Beardown Man, situated to the north of Postrbridge. 27% of Dartmoor is designated a SSSI or site of special scientific interest due to the habitats these areas make up. The blanket bogs and heath seen on the open moorland and the upland oakwoods (oak forest above 250m in altitude) are the three habitats which due to their importance nationally, have this designation by Natural England and maintaining the delicate ecosystem in these magical spots is important for our natural heritage.

Postbridge lies in the middle of Dartmoor (between Moretonhampstead and Two Bridges on the B3212) and is the perfect spot to explore Dartmoor’s archaeology. Just a short walk from Dartmoor National Park Visitor Centre is one of the best examples of a clapper bridge. The bridge found at Postbridge is one of the finest in the country and is believed to date back to medieval times and would probably have replaced stepping stones to help horses and handlers cross the river. It is a very popular place to visit and photograph and well worth it in my opinion.

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