Do I deserve to be top of search rankings?

Often the question clients ask the most is “how do I get to the top of natural search listings?”  The reasons for this are fairly obvious:

Top of rankings = More exposure and traffic = More customers = More revenue

Really what they should be asking themselves first is whether they deserve to be in the number one spot.

In a previous business I was involved with in the early 2000’s, one example of this, we were P2 naturally for “Post Office Car Insurance” purely on the back of creating a very weak page on Post Office Car Insurance but having a very strong link profile which boosted these second rate pages. More ridiculous was that we weren’t even an insurance or finance related website but had just seen the opportunity to build pages, rank and generate affiliate revenue in the process. So there we sat between Post Office in P1 and Moneysupermarket in P3. Was quite ridiculous at the time.

Obviously SEO has changed dramatically over the last 10 years with Google & the other search engines getting smarter and it being harder to outsmart their complex algorhythms but companies don’t seem to have adjusted their expectations.

Amazon Website in Year 2000

Amazon Website in Year 2000

Users want more and more from an online offering and if you’re not providing a top notch service in your sector and the online user experience is also sitting back in the 2000’s, then get over yourself, be thankful that you rank at all, and start being proactive about upping your game.


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