10 Awesome Furniture Websites on Shopify

So I’m currently in the market for a flat here in London. It’s been a long time coming but fingers crossed it should come together over the next few months so I’ve been speculatively looking at furniture shops online for possible pieces to decorate the future abode with. Of course when I find a new website, I tend to take a peek at which platform they’ve used to build the site with. A surprisingly high number are now using Shopify. Check out these furniture stores.

1. JM & Sons

JM Sons Furniture Website on Shopify

2. Haus Furniture – London

Haus Furniture Website on Shopify

3. Wrightwood Furniture

Wrightwood Furniture Shopify Website

4. hobbe FURNITURE

Hobbe Furniture Website on Shopify

5. Floorplan

Floorplan Rugs Website on Shopify

6. brosa

Brosa Furniture Website on Shopify

7. onske

Onkse Furniture UK

8. room for more

Room For More Furniture

9. common deer

Common Deer Home Wear


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